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Prisvinnere. Leseprosjektet ble avsluttet med prisdryss i mange ulike kategorier.
  • Foto og engelsk tekst: Elena Fedotova
  • 20. nov. 2017
  • 20. nov. 2017

The Reading Project

1STC har nylig avsluttet et leseprosjet i engelsk som har gått over hele fire uker.

Lærer Elena Fedotova er svært fornøyd med sine elever og deres innsats, og beskriver her prosjektet som tilslutt resulterte i en litterær cafe med diskusjoner samt premiering i mange kategorier. Beste personbeskrivelse og språk ble premiert, men også beste evne til å framføre for publikum med humor og engasjement.

The Reading Project.

1STC students have been involved in the Reading Project of their own choice weeks 42-45.
They were free to choose a novel from a list of approx. 40 books that received literary awards and endured popularity with the readers. They followed their hearts and personal interests, except for one condition: the book was to be set in an English-speaking country and tell a good story about social conditions, people’s values, political issues or debate, and to be relevant to our studies.
They also watched a film and compared it with the novel, reflecting on the effect of alterations.
After reading the novel, the students analysed it and presented their findings in class at a meeting of Literary Cafe.
Bravo for 1STC and congratulations on the great effort they took reading and discussing books.


Premiedryss i mange kategorier.1STC The Reading Project Winners

  • Abdulkader: the best interpretation of the theme – greed and violence- in the novel «The Pearl».
  • Audun: the best character description in the novel «Trash» – a trash boy with a style, dignity and pride.
  • Dennis: the best symbol interpretation – the fence- in the novel «A Boy in Striped Pyjamas».
  • Ole Marcus: award for the best description of the setting and creating a memorable Italian atmosphere – Bongiorno, Parma, arrivederci - in the novel «Playing for Pizza».
  • Lars: the best imagery of labyrinth and fantastic beasts in the novel «The Maze Runner».
  • Nicolai: best award for engaging the audience and the novel «The Martian».
  • Erik: best award for admirable contact with the audience, warmth and humour.
  • Frida: the First Prize for “the Bluest Eye”.
  • Nora L.: The Second Prize for “the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”.
  • Nora B.: The Second Prize for “the Animal Farm”.
  • Henrik: The Third Prize for “the Road”.
  • Sivert: The Third Prize for “the Perks of Being a Wallflower”.
  • Alexandra: The Third Prize for “Never Let Me Go”.